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The Writing Process
Even though I’ve written twelve full books, three novellas and multiple partials, my writing process is still unpredictable, a movable flowing thing. What do I mean, “process”?  It’s the way you write, the way you form a book. And the way your brain lets you do both. For my first novel I was stabbing in the dark. I just wrote with no plan, which is often the best way to get the creativity flowing.  Read more >>

The Good Rejection
Sounds like an oxymoron, right? I know, it’s hard to see the good side when you get your query letter or full manuscript returned with a polite “thanks but no thanks”. But believe me, there is a good side.  Let me tell you what a rejection letter isn’t. It isn’t confirmation your writing sucks. It doesn’t mean you should stop writing and take up knitting/origami/brain surgery. It doesn’t even mean that the editor hates you and has blacklisted any future submissions to XYZ Publishers because your writing is so bad.   Read more >>

No Synopsis? No Problem!
A quick whip-round of my writers group reveals that crafting a synopsis is one of the most hated writing tasks on the planet. Now, I actually like writing synopses, but then, I’m a bit of an anomaly 🙂 But having placed in many QLS contests over the years (and taking out 1st, 2nd and 3rd in RWA’s 2006 comp!) I like to think I’m a bit of an old hand at writing them now.  Read more >>

Perfecting Your Pitch
For an author, an editor pitch means bypassing the dreaded slush pile, elevating their unsolicited query letter and synopsis to a ‘requested material’ manuscript in 10 minutes. For the editor, it’s the possibility of acquiring gold – a new author for their list.  A pitch isn’t you reading out your synopsis word-for-word: think ‘overview’ of the story and characters – their goals, motivations, conflict. Sum up your story in a couple of catchy sentences… Read more >>

Organising Your Manuscript Using Navigation
I used to hate plotting. YES!  (to some extent I still do, but shhhhh..)  Anyway, my hate stemmed from disorganisation.  My efforts to plot were frankly, an absolute mess. I couldn’t keep track of it all in my head – I shifted scenes, got confused about where scenes occurred in the book, didn’t escalate the romance soon enough or way too soon, and had things happening in the story that hadn’t been foreshadowed.  Read more >>