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http://vitm.com/44M6iq-5q4R2ky5V2F8L3_7J8D3G+3611/ Hello! It’s lovely to see you here. Feel free to make yourself at home and take a look around, check out my books, read my articles, or follow me on social media.


site rencontre 2017 gratuit latestnewsReissues galore! Harlequin Australia have reprinted two of my books in a duo for April –The Pregnancy Plot and Suddenly Expecting.

http://josiart.at/rete/12226 For all my French readers, Zac and Emily got a makeover in March. Promoted to Wife? became Une liaison très secrète (A Very Secret Liaison) and you can still get it via iTunes and Harlequin France’s website.


follow link For my UK readers, Promoted to Wife is part of the Temptation In The Boardroom anthology (with the lovely Leah Ashton), available in May.  Love the brooding cover 🙂

watch And if German is your language, Harlequin’s Highest Bidder series (which includes A Precious Inheritance) is available as a bundle here.



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